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Contract disputes

As a contract is a legally binding agreement made between two or more parties who are obligated to certain terms and conditions, a contract dispute is when any party who is involved in the contract has a disagreement with any terms stated in the contract. Contract disputes are also considered as a breach in a contract according to contract law. It occurs when any party fails to fulfil their obligations that have been stated in the terms of the contract.

Negligence claims

Negligence is the failure to exercise appropriate care and or ethical ruled care that is expected to be exercised under specific circumstances. Negligence falls under 4 main elements that include Duty, Breach, Damages and Causation. This falls between two parties, mainly the defendant and the plaintiff. With regards to Duty, the defendant has a duty to others to exercise reasonable care that includes the plaintiff. A breach occurs when the defendant breaches that duty through an act or the failure to act. Damages are the result of that specific act or the failure to act which leads to the plaintiff suffering an injury. Causation is where the injury caused to the plaintiff is a foreseeable consequence of the defendant’s act or failure to act.


Fraud is the act of deliberate deception with a motive to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive the victim of a legal right. Although fraud can sometimes cause no monetary loss, asset loss or legal right, it can still violate an element of criminal law and civil law. There are many different types of fraudulent acts. Internet fraud, falsification of documents, forgery, counterfeiting and stealing an individual’s identity are some examples of fraud. 

Libel and slander

Libel and Slander both fall under the act of Defamation. Libel is a written or published defamatory statement while Slander is a spoken defamatory statement made by the defendant. Defamation is the oral or written communication of a false statement or other malicious falsehoods that unfairly damages the reputation of another individual.  For more information on the Defamation Act, kindly refer to:

Sale of goods

With accordance to Singapore Law, the Sale of Goods Act is an act to consolidate the law relating to the sale of goods. It applies to contracts of sales of goods made on or after 1st January 1894 strictly. Before the sale, the goods must appear as described, be of satisfactory quality and be fit for its intended purpose. This act also serves as a contract between the buyer and the seller where an agreement with the appropriate terms and conditions have been stated before the sale of goods. For more details on the Sale of Goods Act, kindly refer to:


An injunction is a judicial order that compels an individual to carry out a certain act or restrain them from specific acts. There are three types of injunctions that include, preliminary injunctions, temporary restraining orders and a permanent injunction. However, injunctions are only granted when there is a significant interest at stake. Injunctions are also only approved when one party has received irreparable damages inflicted by the other.

Property disputes

A property dispute occurs when an individual is unsatisfied with the property he has been allocated or has purchased. When a dispute occurs, the property agent should be contacted first to try and resolve the dispute. If the dispute remains unresolved, an individual should contact a lawyer specializing in property and land disputes.

Landlord and tenant disputes

These disputes occur when there is a breach in an agreement between the landlord and the tenant over different aspects of the rental. These include rent payment, damage of property, return of security deposits, repair and maintenance of facilities, eviction or other matters. However, there are tenancy agreements that can help better facilitate these matters. A tenancy agreement states the scope of the contractual relationship between landlord and tenant by stipulating each parties’ rights and duties in respect of the tenancy. A breach which can potentially lead to a termination of the tenancy, will result in several solutions for both landlord and tenant. 

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