Civil Disputes

Commencing an Action by a Writ of Summons

Writ of Summons commences civil actions that are related to contract and tort. A “Statement of Claim” is a court document that the plaintiff’s claim in the proceedings which will be issued when there is a dispute of fact between the parties. It includes:

Claims for remedy of any tort or breach of contract

Allegations of fraud

Claims for damages for breach of duty where the damages claimed involves death, personal injury or property damage

Claims in respect of patent infringement.

Commencing an Action by Originating Summons

At the point when a debate emerges where there is no considerable question of actuality, however the contest involves law or the understanding of a composed instrument or legal arrangement; the activity ought to be started by method of an Originating Summons.

An application by method of an Originating brings will likewise be started where an application is to be made to the Court or a Judge Pursuant to any composed law of the Rules of Court in Singapore.

The Applicant’s reasons in support of the Originating Summons will be detailed in an Affidavit in Support of the Originating Summons.

After commencing an action, the Defendant may respond.

Where the Defendant wishes to contest the case, they will enter an appearance in the procedures to make their safeguard and express their situation in the issue.

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